Ann Hoit Madsen with Carla and Christine at Grand Canyon

Ann Vernie Hoit Madsen

Images from Ann’s funeral

Carl’s Eulogy:
Hello – my name is Carl Eric – just ERIC if I’m in trouble – and I’m Ann’s Son. I am honored to have you all here today to share your day with memories of my mom. I want to talk about mom’s love for FAMILY, her attention to DETAIL, her fondness for NATURE, her continual TRAVELS, and her deep love of BOOKS.

FAMILY – family was first and foremost – starting with her triplet brothers whom she adored, her nieces and nephews, she quickly became Auntie Annie. Her walls in every home she lived in was covered with photos of family. The day I saw her most proud, was the day when she went from being Auntie Annie to GRANNY ANNIE, complete with her own t-shirt. She loved being Granny Annie to her 3 granddaughters.

DETAIL – she created oil paintings in miniature, most 3” or smaller. She doted on a Dollhouse which was loved by many others – during and after. She focused on an extensive FAMILY TREE that went back generations, each card typed (manual of course) with a pouch for photos – better then – and possessed an amazing ability to CLEAN anything. By the way, this was a great help for getting the deposit back on a college apartment! She was very smart, attending NIGHT SCHOOL to complete her GED while raising 3 kids, moving her family to Ft Dodge to attend COLLEGE CLASSES, constantly learning. Monster dictionary, which us kids used to press leaves.

NATURE – those leaves hung on the wall, she’d always point out the first ROBIN of spring or how many HAWKS on the telephone poles on her latest trip.

TRAVEL – had N-S-E-W on the walls of each home. Constantly MOVING, but always HOME wherever she landed.

READING – mail books back forth with Charlotte, organized books, labeled the books, annotated books, re-read books, made lists of characters from one book to the next. She would read to us as kids; recently because of her eyesight, I had the privilege to read to her – I’d like to ask you to imagine – – her face, watching me read. One thing I know for certain – she loved me so much.

THANK YOU ALL – I’m grateful you are here, and I know mom would be too. She would have loved this.

Carla’s Eulogy:
Mom always took care of us. She loved being a mother. She loved all the babies her older sisters brought home, and earned the name, “Auntie Annie”. We also played a game called, “Annie Annie Over”–but mostly just threw a ball over the house.

She was also known as “Annie Oakley” in her younger years because she was pretty good with her Winchester rifle.

In 1981, she was sorting corn at Garst & Thomas when she got a call from Christine. She quickly whipped on her new t-shirt which said, “Grannie Annie” and went to work. I just called her, “Mom, mom, mom, mom, momma, mother, and eventually I called her my secretary. I’d call Mom all the time. When was Beverly’s youngest born? What’s the phone number to the post office in Bayard? I did this so much I just asked for the secretary when I called.

Mom could fix anything. She learned these skills from Grandpa Howard Hoit. She had an incredible tiny tool collection and could undo necklaces that were all knotted together and had parts to fix them and earrings.

I’ve enjoyed living within a mile of her for 10 years. I am so happy to see all of you, to help celebrate mom’s life. She loved you all.